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      Numbers work much like the alphabet. They come with their own rules and confusions. If you spin yarns around how a preschooler can learn to write numbers, it would help him. Remember anything less mundane is bound to get your preschooler’s attention.

      Numbers should be taught the same way as the letters.

      1. Explain basic shapes like a half circle (in case of 3), or two small circles (like an 8).
      2. Start slow and rough. Make big numbers, preferably on sand or shaving cream. This would engage them in the activity. Move to smaller boxes gradually. Do not expect your toddler to get the perfect number shape.
      3. For numbers like 5, train them with curved lines first and then ask them to make it solid.
      4. For numbers like 4, teach them variations and let them choose the one which is easier to draw.
      5. Teach them differences between 1and 7 (1 would not have a hook), 5 and 2 (they are not exactly mirror images), and 9 and 10 (9 has a circle and the line attached, and 10 doesn’t).
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