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      1. Decide what type of words the session will be focusing on. For example: Three letter words with an o in the middle like 'hot' and 'mop' or Words ending with her like 'feather' and 'together'.
      2. Choose one of the words that fits the focus (without telling the student) and provide 1-5 clues asking the learner to guess what it is. For instance, if you choose 'feather' you could use the following clues:
        I: Birds have them. II: When you drop them they fall slowly to the ground. III: Starts with the a word that means 'an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength' (although its pronounced differently)... Feather

        For the word 'hot' you could use:
        I: When you sweat you're it. II: When the temperature is high it is... III: It is the opposite of cold.
      3. The student can either write the word when they guess it quietly or spell it aloud.

        Want a more engaging challenge?
        Try to only reveal one clue at a time.

        Extension: Use 3 actions as the clues for the word and see if you are able to guess and spell the words.
      To expand this further when you have multiple learners playing this activity you can allow them to create their own clues and select their own words.
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