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      1. Put a list of words on display
      2. Ask the learner to generate the rules that relate to them. (Great for groups)
        ~For the exceptions you can create a bonus award, search for these in the literature you are reading.
      What is the rule for these words?
      • Trot - trotting
      • Stop - stopping
      • Hum - humming
      • Wrap - wrapping
      Double the final consonant after a vowel sound and add 'ing'

      Also try these:
      • Change - Changing
      • Challenge - Challenging
      • Frame - Framing
      • Name - Naming
      Remove the 'e' add 'ing'
      Lie - Lying. What is different about the rule here?

      : Guess the word [meaning]
      Now you have the learners engaged you can extend this activity by displaying a series of words with the same prefix/suffix. Then asking the learner to:
      1. Guess what a selection of prefixes mean
      2. Look for those prefixes/suffixes in the literature you're reading.
      'Preemptive' 'predisposed' 'predetermined' 'prepared'
      What do you think the prefix 'pre-' means?

      Download: Prefixes and Suffixes
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