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      Stuck in the mud is a traditional 'tag' game and is a great heart raiser for any age.

      Also known as Stuck in the Mud, Scarecrow, Sticky-Glue, Zombie Tag, or Ice-and-Water (in Asia), players who are tagged are "stuck in the mud" or "frozen" and must stand in place with their arms stretched out until they are unfrozen.

      Usually one/two people are 'it' (that is depending on the size of the class - eg. for a class of 12-30 students). They have to chase the people that are not 'it/stuck' and tag them.

      An unstuck player can perform an action to unfreeze stuck players, such as tagging them, crawling between their legs, or "flushing" them by hitting their outstretched hand ("Toilet tag").

      Variants exist where to unfreeze someone, the player must also call out a certain TV show ("TV tag"), sports team, or object. Once called, the thing can no longer be used to unfreeze someone.

      This continues for about 5-10 minutes or until everybody is stuck. To increase the difficulty level, use more catchers.

      Steps to play:
      1. Choose players to be 'it'
      2. Other players get a 'safe' distance.
      3. When you shout go 'it' players must tag others to freeze them
      4. Unstuck players will try to unfreeze their friends (choose the rules for unfreezing)
      5. You can then police the rules & ensure the game is played amicably.
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