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      ACTIVITY 1:

      Witness personal economic development by wearing a pant with punch-proof pockets

      Want to have the protective-seal put-onto your pocket?

      If so, then simply follow the process mentioned below that applies ‘economies of scale’ (punch-proof) concept.

      PROCESS (Instructions to be followed)

      · Once in a while (say, once in a month), plan and prepare list of all personal (household) items needed, along with estimation of maximum-quantity of each item that could be fully consumed before expiry-date.

      · Carry the checklist.

      · Purchase in bulk @ any nearby wholesale-outlet.


      You will witness economic development by saving a considerable amount while shelling-out your scarce pocket-money.

      Isn’t it a thundering-task to rejoice!?!

      ACTIVITY 2:

      Witness economic development by sharing cost involved within minimal time-span

      Want to reach your place of destiny (home/college) @ the earliestby sparing lesser money without compromising your comfort-level?

      If so, then follow a simple process mentioned belowby applying ‘social well-being’ (socio-economic factors) concept.

      PROCESS (Instructions to be followed)

      · Book in advance with the cab-sharing facility providing service-vendor.

      · Catch the cab @ the earlier decided nearby pick-up point on-time.

      · Get-down @ the pre-decided nearby drop-down point.


      You will witness the economic development by the way of collective care-and-share basis. Isn’t it witty way to travel!?!

      For the classroom resource see the resource below:
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