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      Activity: Creating your own superhero.
      Learning Objective: To write descriptively and create a character.

      Introduction: Play animated Batman intro - https://edchat.net/resources/create-a-superhero-activity-from-batman.220/

      Main Activity:
      Tell the students 'Batman needs your help. He needs you to create a new superhero that can help him, but don't tell anyone if it's you. You wouldn't want to ruin your secret identity!

      You'll need to think about describing, what time they exist in? their personality, looks, hobbies, where they live, their name and their powers.'

      Students can complete the activity in books, on paper or you can use our superhero worksheet.
      Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 21.01.49.png
      Download Superhero Worksheet​
      Plenary/Extension: Get students to explore their character through illustration, it must match the description. Up-level some adjectives using a thesaurus. Create the super villain.
      Resources required:
      Pen or pencil.

      Optional resources:
      batman animation, batman worksheet or paper or book.

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