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      Chemical Reactions

      Learning Objective
      · Understands What Chemical Reactions Are.
      · Detail Study Of The Types Of Chemical Reactions.

      ACTIVITY 1

      Making an Egg Float in Salt Water

      If you drop an egg in ordinary drinking water, then it will sink. Have you ever thought that what will happen if you add a spoon of salt in water? The results will definitely amaze you.

      Materials Required:

      · A glass

      · One Egg

      · Water

      · Salt


      · Pour water into the glass and make it half full.

      · Stir 6 tablespoons of salt in it.

      · Now pour plain water into the glass until it is nearly full.

      · Gently put the egg into the water and watch what happens next.


      You will notice egg floating in the middle of the glass. Isn’t it amazing!!!

      ACTIVITY 2

      Dissolving Sugar at Different Heats

      When you add sugar cubes to different temperature water, then what would you expect to happen to the sugar? Will it dissolve? No. Let’s find out with this experiment which will show you that sugar can only dissolve at a certain water temperature.

      Materials required:

      · Cold water in a glass

      · Hot water in a glass

      · Sugar cubes

      · Spoon for stirring


      · Make sure that both hot water and cold water glass has equal amount of water.

      · Put a sugar into the cold water and stir it well. Keep adding sugar until it stops dissolving. This is the point when sugar starts gathering at the bottom of the glass.

      · Note the number of sugar cubes you added.

      · Repeat the same process in the hot water glass. Compare the number of cubes dissolved in hot water and cold water.


      This is all due to the chemical reactions that sugar was getting dissolved in water, but in hot water molecules move faster and spread further apart creating more space to adjust more sugar molecules to adjust in the gaps.

      ACTIVITY 3

      Volcano in a Bottle

      Creating a volcano in a bottle seems to be interesting, but how? Let us know how to make a volcano erupt through chemical reactions.

      Materials required:

      · Pouring jug

      · Sand

      · Vinegar

      · Red color

      · Newspaper

      · Sodium bicarbonate

      · A plastic bottle


      · Spread newspapers in an area to prevent any mess.

      · Put a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate in a plastic bottle through its opening.

      · Place bottle in the middle of the newspaper area.

      · Shape the area around the bottle as volcano with the help of sand. Make sure it should look like mountain with bottle opening in the center.

      · Put a few drops of red color and ½ cup vinegar in a pouring jug.

      · Put this mixture into the bottle through its opening.

      · Wait and watch volcano erupting

      · It is so cool, isn’t it!!!


      Due to chemical reaction between sodium bicarbonate and vinegar, the solution comes out of the bottle opening. Red color gives it a real volcano eruption looks.

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