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Children as Teachers (Child-Led Learning)

Jan 23, 2014

Sometimes students can be their own best teacher if they just have someone around to listen to the ideas they are coming up with. Of course, schools tend to have very little time for such student reflection and even less time for teachers to just listen.

Networking Topology

Dec 11, 2015
College/VI Form (Key Stage 5)

• Understand the networking and the linking of device in various modes. • Detail knowledge of various topology

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How To Help Your Toddler Write Numbers:

Jan 10, 2019
Mathematics / Numeracy

Help them through basic understanding and like the alphabet, even the numbers can be read out aloud while writing them.

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Masks with a message

Feb 11, 2019
Art and Design

This activity enhances the creativity and resourcefulness of the students. Students writes down 2 words in separate papers and once gathered, they pick out two papers once again. They are to make a mask out of these words using only resources they had at home. The students shall then showcase what message they wanted to portray through the masks. Disclaimer; This idea is from a teacher of mine

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