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Motivating children with special educational needs

Nov 23, 2014
Special Educational Needs

Understand the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how to develop a stimulating learning environment. Pupils will be encouraged to make progress in their learning for the benefit of gaining knowledge or skills instead of for rewards like points and certificates. Ensure your classroom is an environment where a love of learning comes first and you celebrate the success of learning.

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10X Bigger! - Multiplication Activity

Nov 29, 2014
Mathematics / Numeracy

Students will explore multi-digit numbers and the relationship between ones, tens and hundreds; a digit in one place is 10x the digit in the place to its right. Students will use their bodies to represent digits in multi-digit numbers up to the hundredths place and compare these numbers using <, =, >. Students will use their bodies as multi-digit numbers to add and subtract.

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Dec 25, 2015
College/VI Form (Key Stage 5)

Introduction The chemical reaction is the process in which atoms or molecules interact with each other, resulting in the formation of a new molecule. The bonds between the atoms are broken and new bonds are formed with form new molecules. These chemical reactions can happen with anything, as long as a chemical change is taking place. Physical Effects and Types of Chemical Reactions – Detail Study Types of Reactions

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