Teaching Ideas

Motivating children with special educational needs

Nov 23, 2014
Special Educational Needs

Understand the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how to develop a stimulating learning environment. Pupils will be encouraged to make progress in their learning for the benefit of gaining knowledge or skills instead of for rewards like points and certificates. Ensure your classroom is an environment where a love of learning comes first and you celebrate the success of learning.

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3 Against 1 (Protect the King)

Aug 29, 2013
Physical Education

In this game up to 5 players will protect the king from being tagged, this is a fun PE game you can play anywhere. Kids love being the king!

Starting Foreign Language Education

Jan 9, 2019
Other Ideas

Holiday themed lessons are an easy way to introduce a foreign language. The links provided below are for ESl learners and teaching young childen French- these are some of the easier and more commonly taught foreign languages. Using this information you can begin immersing students in a foreign language without overwhelming them.

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