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What is EdChat?

Educational Ideas
These are easy to follow teaching ideas and lesson plans sometimes with resources attached.
Purpose: To help when there's spare time in a lesson or when you need a top quality lesson with quick easy access.
Remember to rate the ideas and suggest improvements to the creator.
★★★☆☆ Minimum
We only want the very best lesson plans and ideas quickly accessible so, if an idea has 5 or more votes at 2 stars or below it is moved to the forum for further development. It's free to access or submit teaching ideas.

Teaching Resources
Educational resources to support education. Learning for life. It's free to download or upload priced and free resources.
Remember to rate the resources and suggest improvements to the creator.
★★★★☆ Rate & feedback
If you know a way to improve the resource you've downloaded, tell the creator. We love to see resource updates and development through collaboration.

Discussion Forums
Open discussions about teaching, education, subjects and most other things. Learning for life.
This is also where some of our ideas are developed through collaboration.
★☆★☆★ Discus Develop Divulge
Whether you're a teacher, a resource developer, interested in education or passionate about learning you'll find a conversation on EdChat. It's free to use the forums.

One of our favourite resources. A huge free to access gallery for education provided by The Institute of Art.
"Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words."
~ Arthur Brisbane
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Our History
UnLtd INSTITUTE OF ART The Academic Group
EdChat.net is part of Ferdinand Asset Management (FAM®), committed to philanthropic ventures. Ensuring all children around the world are given equal access to outstanding education. Edchat works with an unincorporated arts charity called the Institute of Art (IOA) it was founded in 2012 at Anglia Ruskin University. Funded by UnLtd it was able to launch short term projects to promote the arts within early education. Now the IOA works as a branch of EdChat, hosting educational arts workshops using world leading methods with teaching by internationally acclaimed artists and educators.
In the end, everyone wins, especially students. And that's what it's all about.
★ EdChat and EdChat.net are trademarks of Ferdinand Asset Management (FAM®): Registered in the United Kingdom : UK00003180480/UK00003264547.
★ HMRC Charity Number: 0106023214.
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