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In the academic year of 2023-2024, EdChat is undergoing significant changes. We've transitioned our previous community forums, resources, lesson plans, and services into a legacy area, now led by the community.

The Educational Chat Network is proud to introduce peer-reviewed articles, podcasts, and video media with scholarly precision. Our goal is to foster academic discussions in a manner unmatched by any other online platform.

Starting from September 1st, 2023, registration will require your full name and offer the option to submit your ORCID iD.

As always, our registered members can freely express their thoughts and feelings by writing directly on our homepage.

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Developing Dissertation methodology for research projects and drafting findings

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Joshua Ferdinand
Joshua Ferdinand
For optimum results try adding some examples of your work with your post.
If you have created resources for online teaching in the last year, please feel free to share them here with your colleagues. We know it has been a challenging time for many of you and we are working on some new online resources.
For teachers of high school government/civics classes: why aren't current events a bigger focus? Is it too risky, a lack of resources, or something else? I ask because my team and I want to build something that helps teachers prepare students for the hyper-polarized, narrative-driven world that awaits them.

Here's our current (non-education) work: https://www.civilmedia.io/
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Joshua Ferdinand
Joshua Ferdinand
I’m no longer teaching day to day however I would imagine why these wouldn’t be covered is due to the nature of the content. Anything controversial or political needs to be covered in such a way it doesn‘t create a cultural issue for the school.
I think the best way in which to teach students is with hands on activities and lessons. The featured lessons all do a great job of giving students the opportunity for hands on learning. For example the difference between facts and opinions worksheet. This worksheets allows for students to put their knowledge to paper and show the differences and similarities they know that facts and opinions.